Q: Are the bulbs included with the hire of the festoon?
A: Yes, the hire of the bulbs is included in the hire price of the festoon.  All of our festoons come with 15w golf ball lamps as standard.  
LED Bulbs are also available at an additional cost.

Q: What choices of bulb colour are there for the festoon?
A: Our festoon come with either white, clear or multicoloured bulbs

Q: Which bulb colour would look best for my event?
A: The choice of bulb colour is completely yours, however some information you may find useful is listed below:
CLEAR - this bulb has no coating on and you can see the filament inside, similar to a household light.  This tends to give a slightly brighter, harder light with a sparkle look.
WHITE - this bulb has a white coating around the outside which gives a softer, warmer light
MULTICOLOURED - These bulbs come in a variety of blue, red, yellow and green bulbs.

The clear and white both give a classy effect and are very popular for weddings, whereas the multicoloured tend to give more of a party/festival vibe.

Q: How much power will I require?
A: Each bulb is 15w, so the amount of power would be determined by the length of your festoon as well as the lamp spacing.

For example, a 20m festoon with 1m spacing would have 20 lamps (1 every metre), so 20 lamps x 15w = 300w
For a larger festoon such as a 100m / 200 lamp festoon (0.5m spacing) this would be 200 lamps x 15w = 3,000w required.

This calculation works for the 15w golf ball lamps, the LED bulbs take substantially less power but are available for an additional cost.

Q: What plug comes on the festoon?
A: The festoon are usually fitted with a blue 16-amp waterproof plug for outdoor use.  With every hire we do also add in a free hire of a 16-to-13-amp converter so that the festoon can be plugged into a standard household 13-amp socket.

Q: How much power can a 13-amp socket take?
A: A 13-amp socket can take just over 3000w (3kw) - All of our festoons can run from a 13-amp socket, even the 100m / 200 lamp / 0.5m spacing festoon which is the largest we supply.  This is another reason why we use the 15w golf ball lamps, as this means that the socket cannot be overloaded.
Please note - if you are hiring multiple festoons or other equipment we would recommend that each 200 lamp festoon has its own 13-amp socket direct power supply and is not plugged into an extension lead with other items plugged in as the 200 lamp festoon does need a dedicated socket.

If you are hiring multiple festoons and the amount of lamps adds up to less that 200 (such as 3x 30m / 60 lamp festoon - totalling 180 lamps) then these can all run off of the same socket.

Q: Can the festoon be joined together?
A: Sometimes this is possible, some of our range are connectable at both ends, if you would require connectable festoons please let us know so we can allocate you the festoon that you need.  Some of our 20m, 30m and 50m are connectable so that you can make a length such as 80m by connecting a 50m with a 30m.  

Please remember when joinging festoons to not have more than 200 lamps in one run if using a 13-amp socket.

Q: What is the best way to hang festoon?
A: The answer will vary depending on your venue, however the majority of installations completed by IA utilise cable ties (medium or extra strong depending on which festoon) as they are discreet and strong.  We sell cable ties too if you would like them sent out with the festoon just let us know or add them to your basket.

We recommend having 2-3 people putting them up as it is a difficult and time consuming job for one person alone.  We recommend laying the festoon out on the floor roughly where you will be putting it up and putting the bulbs in whilst it is on the ground to save you having to put the bulbs in once it is hanging up, as sometimes certain bulb holders will be hard to reach once the installation is complete.

Q: Can IA install the festoon for me?
A: Our team complete installations on a regular basis, we are based in Swanley, Kent, so installation prices are based on travel time, amount of festoon being installed and estimated time of install.  For a quote on installation please email info@iasoundandlight.co.uk with the location of installation and how many festoons you would like installed.  Any pictures of the venue would also be useful so that our Installatons team can aseess where the festoon can be hung as well as if any additional equipment would be needed to make the installation possible.  Our team can arrange a site visit if required.

Q: When do I need to place my order by?
A: We recommend booking in as early as possible as there are times of the year where the festoon are all fully hired out, even though we are constantly adding to our stock.
If you think you would need festoon between the months of March-September we would advise booking early as this is our wedding season so book early for good availability.

Please bear in mind that if you are placing an order last minute that our team need to test the festoon and every bulb before it is dispatched from our warehouse.

Q: Can festoon be sent to me by courier?
A: Yes, all of our festoon can be sent by courier.  The price would depend on the size of the festoon, as the larger they get the heavier they are.  As a general basis 0-50m of festoon can go in one courier package for £9+vat each way and 51-100m can fit in 2 courier packages for £18+vat each way.

Q: How long do I need to hire festoon for?
A: We have 3 rates available - Day Hire, 3-Day/Weekend Hire and Week Hire.  

Most hires of festoon tend to be a minumum of 3-days hire to allow time for setup and removal rather than having to set up and breakdown all on the same day.  Some people prefer to go for a weeks hire, especially by courier as it allows them to be delivered a day or two earlier so that you dont need to rush the installation.

Q: Can you use dimmers with festoon?
A: Yes you can.

Festoons up to 65 bulbs can use a 1kw dimmer.
Festoons with up to 132 bulbs can use a 2kw dimmer.
The largest festoons (200 lamps) would use our larger dimmers.

Q: How long is the cable between the plug and the first lamp holder?
A: There is usually about 1m of cable between the plug and the first lamp holder.  If you need the first lamp to start further away than this we can provide additional cables and extension leads to help with your requirements, just let us know and we can add them in with the festoon for you.

Q: Can I have multiple festoons starting at one point and going off in different directions?
A: Yes you can, if for example you were hiring 3 x 20m festoons we can provide a Trelco Splitter which will split the power supply into 3 outputs so they can branch off in different directions, just let us know when you are booking or add one to your basket when checking out.

If using a combination of different length festoons please remember to check that the amount of bulbs on the three festoon does not add up to over 200 lamps to keep it within the power requirements.